Costa Rica borders are still closed.  Some small business  such as  restaurants are Re-opening but implementing 50% of its capacity to help spread “social distancing” in Costa Rica. We continues to manage the viral outbreak well, you can see it entering stores, one is required to wash hands and sometimes shoe soles.

The positive index we have in the country is the percentage of positive cases recovered for every hundred tests resulting in 6%, to keep preventing the coronavirus from expand in Costa Rica the local Government has 1,043 medical facilities available for primary care,  104  smaller clinics in open rural areas and all major public hospitals prepared to deal with suspected cases, even with different type of patients with respiratory diseases.

Costa Rica continues to seem to manage the viral outbreak due to its processing test capacity currently being handled between CCSS and INCIENSA about 2,500 tests can be processed per day, visualizing it to being able to expand its capacity up to four thousand tests per day. All these data allow us to have a fairly faithful reflection of our reality.